Saturday, 21 April 2012

Why? . . . . . .

Why is everything going so badly for me these few days? Someone kin to me just passed away and we have to hold the funeral for 5 days and my relationship with my best buddies . . . *sighsighsigh* My luck and fortune seem to be going downhill all of a sudden and that leaves me so lonely and scared. . . But at least I could blog my heart out whenever I'm free/ not in school/ not holding the funeral or doing my homework! :33 Ohshit... Speaking of my homeworks, I HAVEN'T EVEN BEGIN ON IT! Noooooo! I'm so gonna die today... NOOO!! Tomorrow's Monday! SHIT! No time! Got to gooooo everyone! I might be back tonight or tomorrow night. SEEYA! :D
Random photo I found in my phone that I like. :3

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