Thursday, 5 January 2012

That is ENOUGH!!!

*is in the bus and having a very deep conversation with my angel, devil and myself*
Devil: I tell you! That's enough!
Angel: How could you just take something from someone else's bag and hid it? *disappointed face*
Me: Grrrr! Can't stand you people who likes to bully people who dare not retaliate! And how dare you throw that small tiny guy's pencil box out of the bus!?
Angel: You heartless bunch of people. *still has the disappointed face*
Me: If you still throw another thing out, you will get it from me!
Angel: No! Violence is BAD! Nonono! *violently shaking head*
Me: I don't care about that. I can't stand it anymore.
Angel: Nooooo! *disappears*
Devil: HOHOHO! I win this round! *disappears*
Me: *went up to a the people bullying one guy and saw a familiar face* YOU! I know you! *points at the familiar face* How dare you wear the school uniform and bully people in a PUBLIC PLACE!? I tell you, I can't stand your behavior! @#$%@#$
%@#$% (that is me scolding vulgarities. I don't wanna type it. :P) Apologize NOW!
One of the bullies: Who are you? You wanna fight? Come lah!
Me: Hah! Me fight with youuuu? NO WAY! You're so useless. I don't think you're fit to fight with me. *smirk*
One of the bullies: You bitch! *raises hand to hit me but got stopped by the familiar face*
Familiar face: Sorry. We won't do it again.
Me: Not to me dude. To that guy. *nods to the tiny guy who got bullied*
Familiar face: I'm sorry. I mean we all are. 

-The end- 

LOL. I didn't get hit. And that familiar face is my primary school friend. No wait. I don't know him but I just know his name and face. So ya, :3 That was so fun. I still wanna scold them. As when I was scolding them, they all have a face that says: Omg... I can't believe she's scolding us. HAHAHA! But they really shouldn't do that ne? :>

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