Monday, 2 July 2012

I finally found out my password!

YAY! I'm back!! It seemed that forgotten about my password soooo... I haven't been that active recently. And there's just so much work for me to do! I'm like forever busy! >-< Saaaaave me!! *drowning in homework* Anyways, I'm back. Yesh yesh... I know you're bored. :p *sigh* I haven't been reading much manga... But I'm watching more dramas. Teehee~ OHYA! I found an app called Wattpad. It's an awesome app!!!! It has so many stories people post in there and most of the stories there are decent! Hahahah! I don't know whether I did a post on this app but do check it out! :> It's also available online.


  1. Wattpad is AMAZING! There are quite a bit of amazing stories I have discovered! You would come across some odd ones where their storyline is weird and poopy but they are decent. I found quite of great Yaoi stories......hehe. //> x <// I'm such a perv!

    1. OMG!! IKR! Although I'm not that sure of the Yaoi stories... >///<