Tuesday, 28 August 2012

She's so outta control~

*SIGH* I'm so busy, sick and tired these days. I'm currently having the "ohshoawesome" flu. :< And school work is killing me. Especially my art. >-<

I just received my school report book back. And I'm SUPER DUPER disappointed. Main reason number one: I'm the sixth in class. WHICH is considered bad. Main reason number two: My worst subject is Art. Main reason number three: My stupid principle wrote many rubbish on the report card and I don't even understand the words. She should change her pen and handwriting skills. Cos apparently, most people can't read 80% of the words she's writing. ;^;

My best-est and cutest friend transferred school. She transferred for about 2 weeks already (I think) and I'm missing her like maaad. :C But she told me there's a lot of cute, hawt and awesome guys there. :3 So happy for her. :D

Sorry for not posting recently~ I'm just sho busy. :3 *sigh* Have to get back to my homework. ARTTT! WHY YOU SHO TROUBLESOME! ;^; Anyways, I'm watching a drama called 'Playful kiss' And I'm loving it~ <3 Baek Seung Jo is so cute~ <3 Gotta go~ Shall post about 'Playful Kiss' if I have the time. C:

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  1. Wow, you guys are ranked there?! That is seems a tad weird........if I was ranked among my classmates, I'd be at the bottom of the pole! If I were you, don't worry about ranks and carry on with life! I don't think I can ever get to 6th place in my class!

    As for the art thing, YOU CAN DO IT! :D

  2. Yeaps~ We are ranked in our classes. But for the end of year exams, we are ranked in the school. :) Hahaha! Why the bottom? >-<

    Yeaaaah~ I hope I caaaan~ :D

  3. I'm not that smart.........I would die if I was in your position! :D