Monday, 31 December 2012

Something wrong.

Hello everyone~ its a new year and I did something wrong. :<

I was getting hyper and high after seeing 2ne1 and Leehi's performance together last midnight. Then I was being crazy to my best buddy who doesn't seem to be that impresses cos she only replied with an'okay?' which hurt me. A LOT. Cos its rare I go crazy over something and she just trampled over my feelings like it was nothing.

I guess she didn't know that she had hurt my feelings and I tried to tease her a bit by saying 'I'm hurtt. :< I will never show you this side of me again' and I guess she didn't like it and we ended up arguing. My head was spinning and my right shoulder hurts so I was snappy and... Yeah. I told her I don't want to talk to her.

I know its harsh!!! But I really didn't feel well and she was... *sigh* its all my fault. I shouldn't have teased her. Cos it ended up with an argument. I know I'm childish. But hey! Its rare I show my crazy side to anyone. And I decided to show it to her. So I was really hurt. I almost cried. Yeshyesh. I'm emotional. Afterall, I just saw a super performance.

:< I wonder what will come out of this friendship. Maybe in the end, we wouldn't even be friends. I just hope for the best. Cos I don't know how to start the convo first. I hate myself. I've always been like that. Ohwell. I shall get out of the bed now!

Baibai!! Shall post again if I have time. :33


  1. I'm jealous!! You went to an awesome concert!!

    Anyways, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check the link for information and fun!! :DD