Friday, 26 October 2012

Drill test 2!

:< I have my drill test stage two todaaaay... :< so nervous!!! And I'm very sorry for not posting for like... Millions of days? HAHAHA! I'm too busy.

Its the December holidays for us now but I still have tons of homework to complete and tons of projects. -.- *sigh* I don't wanna complain but still! Its the holidays! Don't teacher understand what holidays mean? Gah!! Ohwell. Can't do much about it anyways~

I can't believe that I got forced to go back to school next Monday to Wednesday to tutor some other people maths... Although my maths is seriously very good, but I don't have the confidence to tutor others! *SIGHSIGHSIGH*

And cos of that tutoring programme, I can't go out with my buddies!! :< but I can join them in the afternoon! Kekeke! :3 next Tuesday we are going to cycling/roller blading! Its gonna be so fun~~

Anyways, I got something very shocking for my EOY (end of year) exam!! My class position was 5/40 which was not bad considering the results I got. But the shocking part is that my whole level position is 11/200!! I get to receive $400 if I'm not wrong! Yay!

But the sad thing is... I'm sick again... :< today, my cough got worse! Gah!!! I hope I don't cough at my officer... *sigh* I gotta go now! I have to wear my uniform and many other random things. :)) have a fun and nice day, everyone!!!!


  1. Congrats on your class position!! :D You should help me with math too..... :P I suck at it so bad!! > x <

    Get better! I feel like I'm going to get sick too!

    1. Heehee! I'm not that good in maths. I just have to understand it. :3 It's rather easy~

      And I hope that you're feeling better!