Monday, 19 December 2011

Zodiac sign!

My zodiac sign: Aquarius.
Ruling planet: Uranus.
Nature: Positive.
Quality: Fixed.
Key phrase: I know!!!
Keywords: Independent, humane.
Main trait: Friendliness.
Principle: Distribution.
Symbol: Water bearer.
Colors: Electric blue, turquoise.
Metal: Aluminum.
Gem: Aquamarine.
Body parts: Ankle, circulation.
Lucky number: 7, 1.
Lucky day: Wednesday.
Trees: All fruit trees.
Flower: Orchid.
Herbs: Chilies, pepper.
Energy: Yang.
Countries: Sweden, Poland, Israel.
Cities: Moscow, Salzburg, Hamburg.
Animals: Bird kingdom.
Element: Air.

That's what I read. Hehe. :) Tell me your zodiac sign and I'll tell you all of your things. :)


  1. Kuro neko-san, your infos.

    Zodiac sign: Libra.
    Ruling planet: Venus.
    Nature: Positive.
    Quality: Cardinal.
    Key phrase: I balance!!!
    Key words: Harmonious, sympathetic, balanced.
    Main trait: Charm, balance.
    Principle: Cooperation.
    Symbol: The scales.
    Colors: Blue, pink, pale green.
    Metal: Copper.
    Gems: Sapphire, jade.
    Body parts: Lower back, kidneys, buttocks.
    Lucky number: 9, 6.
    Lucky day: Friday.
    Trees: Ash.
    Flowers: Rose, Daisy.
    Herbs: Mint, cayenne.
    Energy: Yang.
    Countries: Austria, Japan, Burma, Tibet.
    Cities: Copenhagen, Vienna, Johannesburg.
    Animals: Lizards, small reptiles.
    Element: Air.

  2. Ok,thanks!Anyway which website you get you infos from?