Thursday, 3 May 2012

I got laughed! ;^;

Grrr! I can't believe how stupid I am... I woke up last night, thinking that it's already time to wake up when it's only 9pm! And I even went to wash my face and brush my teeth! Then I saw the PM beside the 9. That's when I got laughed by my mom. SO EMBARRASSING!! >-< Does this kind of things happen to you all? I doubt so. COS I'm the only one dumb enough to do this. ;^; The clock cheated my feelings.


  1. No worries,I am not better then you,it totally happened to be this morning! Check out my new blog post and you will find out why :)

    1. Ohhhhh... HAHA!! I get what you mean now! HAHA! I'm kinda thankful that I'm not the only one who got cheated by clocks. THEY CHEAT YOUR FEELINGS BIG TIME. ;^;