Wednesday, 23 May 2012


YAY! My guy friend gave me some of the tiramisu he made! So happy. But I haven't tried it since I just reach home and I want my tiramisu to be cold. Ohwell~ Have to wait. And, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVEN BOTHERING TO GIVE ME. :>

And the way he gave it to me was funny. Haha~ And since he's older than me, my "dad" was staring at him while he was passing it to me. And my "dad" keep asking me who that guy is. It was daaaaaaamn epic. Ohkay. Now I'm getting crazy.

And, I got sore throat! Plus a little bit of coughing... :<


  1. Uh....forgive me for being stupid but, what is a Tiramisu??? Sounds awfully interesting!

    Funny, I have a sore throat too! Drink tons of hot water or water or juice or even tea! It helps the throat~ Sleep alot too! :D

  2. Tiramisu is an Italian dessert. It's made of lady fingers dripped into coffe, egg yolks and mascarpone (a type of cheese) and topped with cocoa. :> It's freaking nice. But some of the Tiramisu have liquor in it.

    Ohkay. Thank you!! ♥OMG. I can't recognize my voice anymore. ;^;