Saturday, 5 May 2012

Should I cosplaaaaaay?

IDK whether I should cosplay as I HATE putting on makeup despite the fact that I like putting on makeup for others and also styling their hair. And one of my ideas to who I wanna be when I grow up was to be a BEAUTICIAN!! Anyways, back to the topic! I really don't know whether I should cosplay... And since I don't really want to waste money on buying wigs, I would have to choose a character with hair similar to mine... WHICH IS RATHER HARD YA KNOW? But I really want to try cosplaying after I graduate. :> And I also hope that I can dye my hair into brown since most anime characters have brown hair... Ohwell~ I shall think more as I move on.

P.S. I don't really understand what I wrote just now... So if you don't understand, IT'S OKAY! :3