Saturday, 5 May 2012

Yay! Off day!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! *jumping around madly* There's no school TOMORROW! It's an off day! I can continue to read Ouran High School Host Club and watch Spiral! Yayayayayayay! I'm freaking damn happy I tell you. I could even kiss the wall! Wait... I did kiss the wall already. Ohwell~

And what about you? Are you still working/going school tomorrow or is tomorrow an off day for you too?


  1. It is a day off for me today! Yay! So which mean I could watch Spiral!!! >3<..By the way what you mean by kissing the wall?

    1. It means that due to my happiness, I was jump and running around madly and it seemed that I accidentally banged the wall. ;^; I lost my first kissu...

  2. Oh,be careful next time ok? Don't hurt yourself.