Saturday, 19 May 2012

New toys for meh~ :3

Yaaaaaaay~ Recently, my dad bought me some new toys to play with! 1. A new phone (Samsung Galaxy s2) 2. Ipad (Yaaaay! Always wanted one!) 3. Samsung Galaxy Note (It's my mom's but I always snatch it from her cos the screen is freaking BIG!)


And 7 days later, I'm going to Korat, Thailand for a service learning trip. This service learning trip consist of several uniform groups. And I'm glad I got chosen to go. :3 BUT I'm so nervous!! I wonder which group I would be placed in... :< OhOh! And this trip is a 6 day 5 night and I'm so gonna miss my lappy!! Without my lappy, it means that I wouldn't be able to blog for... OMG. So many days.

And when I come back from Korat, I have my CCA corporal's camp just 6 days later... I'm gonna die of exhaustion. And my CCA seniors say that camp is VERY STRICT! I'm gonna die I'm gonna die! *crawls to a corner* But it's only 3 ays 2 night... I think I can live! *lehappy*

BUT! After my camp, I have a Malaysia trip with my family... It's just 5 days later... DO YOU REALLY WANT ME TO DIE? HUH? Gyaaaaaah! Then I won't have much time to blog, eat, slack, read AND SLEEP!!! But the Malaysia trip is only 4 daaaays~ I'll live~ (I think, I hope so too) Teehee~ That's all. I hope I have enough time to do my homeworks!!! >-<