Tuesday, 20 November 2012

CC date with my cute "daughter"! ^-^

Today, I went to many CC (Comics Connection) stores in Singapore~ But I only bought 2 badge (100% and SHINee) as I couldn't find other groups that I like. I think we went to around 3-4 CC stores at once after collecting my tote bag that I bought online. I bought two totes. One of it is Baby Pooh design (I bought it for my friend. She adore Winnie the Pooh so I bought it as a birthday pressie for her~ I'm such a kind girl! :3) and the other is a moustache design with 'It's a way of life' under it. I bought both for $20 which is considered... Quite cheap? HAHAHA~ My "daughter" was very mad when I told her I bought another bag as I have more than twelve bags already. I'm a bag maniac. Teehee~

Anyways, back to the badges I bought. 100% is seven member south Korean boy group. They are under T.O.P media. They are absolutely cute! *fangirling* My bias in this group are Min-woo (leader and vocalist) and Rock-hyun (main vocalist). Try listening to Bad boy by them. It's addictive. :3



The next group is SHINee which most people already know them. I don't know why they are that famous but I like most of their songs. :> It's nice~ SHINee is a five member south korean boy group. They are under SM entertainment. SM entertainment have a lot of popular and talented artist. SHINee is well known for their hard dance steps too. My bias are Onew (leader and lead vocalist) and Jonghyun (main vocalist). Do listen to Dazzling girl by them~ The rap part is very... Addictive. Teehee~


There's also another guy group I just found out today. Their name is C-CLOWN and I like their new song, Far Away Young Love. The rap part is very nice~ I don't really know much about them but their songs are decent! 

I shall post soon if I can. :) Baibai you aweshome people~ 

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