Friday, 23 November 2012

So worried. ;^;

Hello guys... It's currently raining cats and dogs now, in Singapore. :< It just fits my current mood so much. This is also gonna be a relatively short post.

My grandma just got hospitalised... She kept getting giddy spells and puking. *SIGH* I hope she would be fine. I'm so worried for her right now... And the thunder is making me... Scared. It just doubles the fear.

It's not the first time she puked after getting very serious giddy spells. The first time, she puked at 1am on Friday (can't remember which Friday but it's a Friday. I can remember cos of the serious headache I got while staying back for CCA) . And I stayed up the whole night to take care of her. The second time was also around 1am but I can't remember the day. Ohwell. I have a terrible mind. The third time is at 8pm last Monday. And now, the forth time, me and my dad just sent her to the hospital. Cos she can't stand up. *SIGHSIGHSIGH*

;^; MAI GRANDMAAAAA. I need want her back. It's like, the house is so empty without her... Hope she gets discharged soon! I love her SO FREAKING MUCH.

Anyways, baibai guys~ Do help me pray that my grandma would be safe. ;^; *worried*

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