Sunday, 18 November 2012

Outting to Scape

HERROOO~ I went to Scape today~ and I bought a three way bag (hawt pink~) and a batman mask earring (blue~) :3 so happy! The bag is like only $18 and the earring is $3. Its quite worth it so I'm a happy girl. :) but the thing I'm not happy about is that my legs are aching. :< and that I didn't buy a plain tote bag at Ion... I'm regretting so much right now...

The plain tote bag is like below $4... Should have bought it. Then I can style it myself... :< stupid me. Plus, I saw a totally pretty shorts at cotton on... And I didn't buy it. Cos its $30. But now that I think about it, I should have bought it... Its so pretty! *sigh* and I'm glad I didn't wear my wedges out. Cos my friend said she wanted to see me in wedges and I almost wore it out today. But I didn't. Cos I'm afraid that my leg would hurt after walking. So I wore sneakers. But in the end, my feet is still painful... Ohwell. Since I bought stuffs that look nice, I don't mind the pain. ;3

I guess today is my regretting day. :/ but I'm excited for tomorrow! I can't wait to go out tomorrow~~ bowling and movie in one single day! How wonderful is that? It would be so fun~

So, did you guys go out recently? :)

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