Friday, 16 November 2012

Weird manners.

Recently I've been very moody... It happened after I knocked my head against the wall. (It always happens to me so I'm used to it) But the wierd thing is that I began to hear something. Maybe it's my imaginations but still! It's creepy. And I would just zone out from a conversation and my friends would be very unhappy cos they are talking to me. I didn't know what happen but suddenly, it's just like my mind blanked out for a moment... Ohwell~

It has already been a few days... And I had some weird dreams recently. Which made me loss sleep. -.- Cos I keep thinking about it. But it's not so extreme. The most extreme thing about this is that I get pissed off or annoyed easily. For example, my friend knocked into me by accident and I would immediately glare at them. Even though I didn't mean to. I didn't realise I was glaring until they asked me what happened. But the truth is nothing happened! So I'm kinda stuck now... Cos I really don't know what to say. But somehow they understood. :> I'm happy I have such wonderful friends.

But I keep forgetting stuffs. Like I would get up from the floor with the intention of getting milk and when I walk into the living room, I would have forgotten why I got up for and returns back to the room. Even though I normally have a bad memory, it's not bad until this extend... I'm sorta worried... *depressed* I shall wait a few more days to see if things change.

ANYWAYS, I'm watching a Korean drama called 'Arang the Magistrate' and it's really nice to watch. It's kinda epic and Arang (the main female) is just so cute and pretty! :3 I'm watching this cos I'm still waiting for episode 20 of 'Innocent man' where Song Joongki is so hawtt! HAHAHA! *fangirling*

Goodbye everyone! I shall go back to my drama! :) P.s. My new hairstyle totally makes me look like a kid. Not that I don't like it but it's not really my style. >-<

You guys should totally check out BTOP's song called 'WOW' The tune is so cute!

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